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Built To Order

For most of our customers a new kitchen may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We have developed our company around making the hard to reach designs in reach for customers who would normally have to look at modular options.  Because we build everything to order we can say yes to your dream kitchen ideas a lot more often than not and keep you on budget.  Our job is to simplify the complexities of the kitchen design process while not sacrificing the quality of the experience or rush you to a decision.  Once we have defined your vision we bring it to life!

Locally Made

The stamp “American Made” is applied by many in the industry that may not truly apply. That’s why we say locally made. We are your neighbors and only deliver to Colorado or Arizona markets. Our doors are always open for you to come, visit and take a tour of our facility where we manufacture almost every piece of your cabinet. The other great benefit of locally made is that we can help make corrections/remakes as soon as the same day and keep your project on time.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our beginnings were imported stock cabinets and while we did our best to bring the best product to market, there were issues out of our control and quality could suffer.  We had had enough and we made a 180-degree change.  We brought all production in-house and focused on making exactly what the customer wanted with a finished product we could stand behind.  That is why we offer the LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY because we are proud of what we do and we want our customers to rest easy knowing that we are there for them.

Precision Technology

We understand the value of skilled craftsmen and that is who we employ. Those craftsmen understand that only the best tools should be used to bring your dreams to life, so we have equipped two of the most state-of-the-art facilities with top of the line equipment for every task. When you give the best craftsmen the best tools, you get the best products at the best value in timelines unheard of.

I have worked with One Source Cabinets on several projects over the past few years. Their team of experienced designers always provides us with creative solutions to fit the specific needs of our client. Their prices are unbeatable and there are never any hidden charges after the fact. We also value their above-and-beyond level of service and high-quality products. They the preferred partner for F2R Construction for all of our cabinet needs as they never disappoint.

Chad, 5 Star Google Review

After many frustrating meetings with multiple big box home improvement stores and smaller local resellers and wholesalers, I was referred to One Source Cabinets by a college for my kitchen remodel needs. From the very beginning their estimating and sales staff left me feeling that I was their #1 customer. I purchased new cabinets for my small kitchen and the installation went smoother than I could have imagined. I would recommend One Source to homeowners, contractors, and builders alike that are looking for a great quality product at a very reasonable price! Thank You One Source!

Wendy, 5 Star Google Review

Mr. Jeff Santos at One Source Cabinets is the most responsible, knowledgeable, and helpful person who treats his clients in the best possible professional manner l have encountered during the remodeling of our primary bathroom project. He has been most responsive to our questions for the selection of the right style and material among myriad choices to meet our demands. If I could give more stars to this company’s service quality and Jeff’s professional treatment of their clients, I would have done so. Their prices are well worth the quality of product one can receive in this competitive market. Jeff and I have, by the way, made good friends and I look forward to meeting him again soon.

Syd, 5 Star Google Review

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It may seem almost to simple- shaker or slab, but as you will see the options are almost endless in what we can do with these 2 door styles. With our just in time manufacturing built to your vision and design.

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The Reserve Collection is a collection of the best and most popular colors and finishes we have found on the market to date.  We have brought them into our top of the line automatic storage system, so they are at the ready to be manufactured into your dream kitchen.  These colors and textures highlight the best of what modern design has to offer.

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