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The Art Of Custom Cabinetry

The sight of first sunlight through your kitchen window illuminates your life. Start each day in a space you love through the perfect look and feel of custom cabinets in your home. At One Source Cabinets, our expert craftsmen and industry partners build with you.

Slab, Shaker, and Euro Style Cabinets Made in the USA.

Custom Cabinets in Arizona & Colorado

Not only are our cabinet makers highly skilled, but we’ve designed our very own CNC cutting technology here at One Source Cabinets to bring you the best custom cabinet solutions in Arizona and Colorado.

The look and feel of high quality wood grain textures and a nearly limitless range of colors make your dream home come to life with custom cabinets.

Each cabinet – door and all – is made to order in our local cabinetry facilities in Mesa, Arizona and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We don’t stock basic box cabinets, so we offer a multitude of custom cabinet combinations to make your home design dreams come true!

We partner with the best designers and contractors throughout Arizona and Colorado to bring clients of all places the best custom cabinets. Our simplified process allows you to get lower prices, faster lead times, and better materials in your investment of custom cabinets.

Custom One Source Kitchen Cabinets

Modern. Stylish. Simple. Colored.

The perfect balance of stylish and simple.

Slab Cabinet Doors

The Slab cabinet door lends to today’s sleek aesthetic. The flat, clean style of Slab cabinets opens the door for you to style with more, such as adding woodgrain texture or a bold color contrast in your custom cabinets.

Shaker Cabinet Doors

The Modern Shaker cabinet door brings enough detail without being “busy.” Shaker doors are a classic, bringing character and charm to your dream home. This is a great option for adding depth to your style.

Thin Shaker Cabinet Doors

Introducing Thin Shaker: It brings a perfect balance of the modern style with an added touch of personality. Thin Shaker cabinets are flying off the shelves, growing in popularity among Arizona and Colorado homes today.

You're Invited: Explore our Showroom to see for yourself why our custom cabinets belong in your home.

See our full showroom of custom cabinets at One Source Cabinets in Mesa, Arizona and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Walk through our doors to immerse yourself in a world of “dream home” possibilities with our custom cabinets. Explore rich woodgrain textures and timeless elegance of our modern cabinet colors, including matte and gloss options – all in person at our Showroom. Realize the difference in versatility and charm of Shaker vs. Slab cabinet doors, each meticulously crafted to elevate your home.

At One Source Cabinets, we are committed to transforming your space with exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled design options.

Built To Order

By customizing cabinet dimensions, finishes, and features of each order, we ensure a seamless integration with your room’s layout and style. Our attention to detail guarantees a precise fit and a cohesive look that maximizes your storage and aesthetic.

Made in the USA

Custom cabinets from One Source Cabinets are designed, built, and assembled locally in Mesa, Arizona and Colorado Springs, Colorado. The quality materials that go into our custom cabinets are sourced in America, allowing us to provide better costs and faster lead times.

Precision Technology

Custom cabinets from One Source Cabinets are truly “custom” because we went as far as designing our very own cutting technology. This provides you with the most custom fit for cabinetry in any space of your home. Today’s technology also allows us to provide a nearly unlimited range of cabinet colors and textures, too.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

One Source Cabinets warrants to the original homeowner that our products are free from manufacturer defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase through the lifetime of original home ownership. For warranty claims, call One Source Cabinets LLC Cabinets at 480-405-8774 or enter a claim online.

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