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Resizing Your Bathroom Through Design

Resizing Your Bathroom Through Design

There is practically an endless number of ways to make your small bathroom big without knocking down the walls or altering the layout. The past decade has been a bathroom designer’s dream, as options for color, flooring, fixtures, and accessories have become more varied and eclectic.

Large Mirrors for Small Spaces

A large mirror is an obvious choice for giving the illusion of a big bathroom. This addition complements the room using the right combination of natural and artificial light. To compensate for lack of natural light, you can install overhead lights or a string of sconces that reflects light above the mirror.

On the style side, plain mirrors without borders are a bathroom design trend today, but any type will style well as long as it matches the rest of the theme. In essence, it is possible to ‘change’ the size of a bathroom by simply replacing a mirror.

Paint Color for Bathroom Walls

Paint for your bathroom is one of the greatest tools for making the bathroom appear bigger. For small spaces, white and other neutral colors are popular for creating the illusion of size. You can also change the color of the cabinets to contrast with the colors of the wall. Darker colors tend to date your bathroom.

As a rule of thumb, use no more than three colors in the room. If you are adamant about using one color, add shades, patterns, or textures for dimension.

The Right Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

The right kind of bathroom cabinets will make the most disorganized bathroom a model of cleanliness and efficiency. Do you need storage for cleaning supplies or just the toiletries? Before picking a new vanity, analyze what needs to be stored. Specialized cabinet fittings are highly recommended and are most affordable when purchased with the rest of your cabinetry. At One Source Cabinets, all cabinets are made-to-order with the highest quality materials. There is a variety of cabinet options that can keep your bathroom accessories neatly organized when space is at a minimum.

Minimal Decorations

Once you have determined the color, cabinets, and fixtures for your bathroom, you can take steps to pull the whole project together. Accessories like artwork and rugs are helpful and fun to add, but space is usually limited in bathrooms. Minimal decorations, selected with symmetry in mind, will allow you to style your bathroom without sacrificing space. Following this process will accommodate the need for style while respecting the goal of enlarging this small space.

To make your small bathroom appear larger, and everything you want it to be, learning as much as you can about the design process will prove to be helpful. As you go along, be flexible and utilize ideas from magazines, the internet, and experts. Keep the goal in mind and ensure that any changes will add value to your home. Contact us at One Source Cabinets in Colorado Springs, CO and Mesa, AZ for all of your custom cabinet needs.