One Source Cabinets has worked with multi-family housing unit owners and property managers to provide the best value for their cabinetry needs while pleasing their tenants since 2014.

One of the high priority projects we have worked through for Multi-family and investment property owners was selecting the type of materials for long lasting durable cabinets and a door style that brings a modern touch to appeal to today’s renters and buyers, while maintaining their desired price point.

We use industrial grade materials with thermally fused laminate finishes that by far outperform traditional wood cabinets, especially our modern looking “Slab Door Style” which is virtually maintenance free, there are no joints to break or come loose, it won’t collect water, dust or debris.

It’s not a trend, the slab style door and thermally fused laminate finishes are now the multi-family housing unit owners and property managers first choice.

In-House Manufacturing Benefits

As of April 2019, we have converted over to being the actual manufacturer of all our cabinetry. Thus, ensuring higher quality materials, products, services, and stabilized pricing versus working with imported ready to assemble cabinets that are subject to warping cracking, mixed colors and a nightmare getting replacements in, if you can at all. 

You’ll love our new in-house manufacturing with Just In Time (JIT), manufacturing in any size or configuration, without a “Custom” price tag.

Contact One Source Cabinets today at (480) 405-8774 for your complimentary design session and look through our euro-1 line of modern style cabinetry for all your residential or commercial cabinetry needs.