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Creating Your Custom Cabinets

Colors, Finishes, & Styles.

With an extensive range of choices that span from elegant matte finishes to captivating gloss textures, and even timeless traditional woodgrains, One Source Cabinets ensures a perfect match for every individual’s taste and home aesthetic. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, our American-made custom cabinets embody exceptional quality and enduring style.

With One Source Cabinets, homeowners are granted the opportunity to elevate their living spaces through the artistry of custom cabinetry, resulting in a harmonious blend of functionality and beauty that stands the test of time.

OneSource Custom Cabinets

Matte Colors

Matte colors for custom cabinets create a captivating charm. Their solid finish creates a subtle elegance, concealing fingerprints and scratches while adding depth to any space. The allure of matte colors for custom cabinets elevates the aesthetic in any space of your home, making them irresistibly attractive for a timeless appeal.

Gloss Colors

Gloss colors for custom cabinets offer an inviting allure that captivates both homeowners and professionals alike. The lustrous finish of gloss cabinet colors showcase sophistication while reflecting light, adding a touch of natural elegance to any space in your home.

OneSource Custom Cabinets
OneSource Custom Cabinets

Woodgrain Textures

Wood textures for custom cabinets are an understated home hack. With a natural tone from various shades of wood available to the durability of anti scratch, peeling, and stains, wood textured custom cabinets bring beauty and ease into your busy home.

Custom Cabinet Doors

You’re not a cookie cutter person, and your home’s style shouldn’t be either! Custom cabinets allow your home to shine with your dream look and feel. Custom cabinets, from the cabinet door style to the color, bring your personal touch to life. The three custom cabinet door styles we design and build at One Source Cabinets are Slab, Shaker, and the increasingly popular Thin Shaker.