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Renovation Trends

Livable Spaces: 4 Renovation Trends for 2022

Regardless of what resolutions or intentions you set for yourself this new year, it seems like more people than ever are looking to make changes to their homes. That includes renovations to make the home more adaptable to working remotely and children learning virtually.

Unlike remodeling, renovations involve updating the structure. You have to become either more modern or functional.

Continue reading to discover four of the most popular renovation trends that you will see in 2022. These changes will make your home more livable and efficient.

Improved Home Office Space


We learned during the pandemic that working at the kitchen table while our children tried to do virtual school on the sofa didn’t work. That is why updating or creating home office spaces is one of the most popular renovations for 2022.

Suppose you are lucky enough to have a designated room for a home office, whether a spare bedroom or a basement.

Updating it with good lighting, flooring, and comfortable furniture for extended periods is essential. You also want a door that you can close to cancel noise but will still allow you to see your children while they are in a virtual class if necessary.

Updated Cabinetry

Updated cabinets can change the entire vibe of your kitchen and family area if done correctly. Homeowners are shopping for custom cabinets that store their kitchen items and help bring their dream kitchen to life. That includes a variety of finishes, textures, and cabinets made with devices to make their time in the kitchen more efficient.

Colored Accent Walls

White and neutrals will always be preferred among many homeowners. However, if you are daring and enjoy color, a brightly colored accent wall is an ideal way to add flair to an otherwise muted room. An accent wall can be in any room and include color, texture, or both.

For those who don’t have a favorite color but want the drama of color, shopping the paint department or design magazines for the color of the year will help you select a color.

Advanced Technology

If 2022 will be the year of living spaces, it is essential for those renovating to update their technology. Moving toward smart homes makes sense, especially for families who enjoy the benefits of advanced technology for monitoring or controlling certain aspects of the house. The benefits of updating technology include:

Increasing your family’s safety and protection
Saving money on energy bills
Being able to open the doors from anywhere
Adding convenience
Having the ability to keep an eye on your family from anywhere

As you have read, the renovations involve updating the structures that are already in your home. Four of the most popular renovation trends for 2022 are listed above. Reach out to One Source Cabinets to start making your home everything you want and need in 2022.