Top Reasons to Use a Local Business for Your Next Project

When you’re shopping for new cabinets, local stores can often provide better and faster results than a big-box company. At first glance, a major company might seem like the safe option. After all, if they’ve opened hundreds of locations across the United States, they probably know what they’re doing, right? However, popularity doesn’t necessarily translate to quality. In fact, these stores make so much money that they can be far removed from the ordinary customer.

Supporting local shops doesn’t just keep their doors open, but it also helps you build the kitchen, bathroom, or basement of your dreams. Here are some benefits of shopping local that you won’t get from a huge retail store.

1. Local Businesses Have Their Reputations on the Line

Small businesses are under much more pressure than massive retailers. If a retailer loses a customer, they’ll still make millions of dollars each year. Losing one customer might not cripple a small company, but they need to maintain their reputation to stay in business. As a result, they’re committed to offering great service and a high-quality product each and every time.

2. Local Businesses Are Part of the Community

Much as they may claim otherwise, retailers aren’t part of your community. The employees might be from the local area, but the CEO and members of upper management probably don’t live in your region. Big retailers don’t understand the unique challenges and needs in your area. Instead, they take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to virtually every issue.

Conversely, local companies know exactly what you need. They live and work in the same area that you do, and they understand the community just as well. You might even know some of these business owners personally. When they’re part of the community, they’re serving their friends, neighbors, and family members — not just a crowd of strangers. This means that they’re even more likely to provide excellent service.

3. Local Businesses Can Get the Job Done Quicker

If a large retailer experiences a shortage, it might take months for them to get the right products or materials in stock. Small businesses aren’t immune to shortages, but they could have better access because they’re directly connected to the manufacturing chain. For example, One Source Cabinets makes our cabinets in our local manufacturing facility, giving us direct access to the supplies we need and often having better distribution relative to size than its larger competitors.

4. Local Businesses Offer More Customization

You can order custom cabinets from certain retailers, but your options might be limited. Most retailers are more concerned with making money and reaching their quotas than anything else. Local businesses don’t see you as just another customer — they see you as a member of the community. They understand the importance of helping you build your dream bathroom or kitchen and will take the time to craft exactly what you have in mind.

Local businesses can create just about any size, style, and design for your new cabinets. At One Source, you can choose from a variety of top quality material types and select the perfect look. Plus, your contractor can offer personalized advice that helps you maximize your storage and build an attractive living space. Your cabinets might turn out even better than you imagined.