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“Who knew there would be so many decisions in such a small room?” This is a common phrase you will hear in the kitchen design process, but don’t be intimidated! There is hope and with the right vendor partners, you will end up with the kitchen your dreaming of and in your budget.

How to start the process:

  • First, get cabinet ideas and inspiration from friends, family, and your favorite design websites or apps.
  • Think about your kitchen and how you use the space — what type of cabinets do you currently have?
  • From there, make a list of what you would change or keep.
  • Find a pro based on your level of comfort. Interior Designers will help you tie all the design aspects of your project together. A contractor will guide you and deliver on the technical side of the project to include demo, electrical, plumbing, framing, drywall and paint. You may decide based on your aptitude to go straight to vendors and organize your own project. Having a trusted designer and/or contractor to guide you through the process can be a big help and actually save you money by organizing quality trades and utilizing their volume discounts on materials.
  • With this decision made, you are ready to start the kitchen design process
  • We suggest visiting either of our Arizona or Colorado showrooms for additional ideas and additional color and style selections. We also can do this virtually for those not comfortable traveling.
  • After you meet your kitchen designer and make selections, we start to bring the design of your dream kitchen, bathroom, and/or home.
  • Are you comfortable measuring on your own and sending in a layout and pictures? Great! Otherwise, we are happy to do an in house measure.
  • Let us know about the research you did and tell us your vision. Your designer will make suggestions and create your kitchen plan in our state-of-the-art software.
  • The first draft is rarely the final draft. We encourage you to share your opinions. We can review on zoom, in house or at the showroom based on your preference.
  • During this process it is helpful to have established your appliance package and we can assist if needed. The kitchen will be engineered around your appliance choices.
  • The final review process involves a final walk through of your layout, a confirmation of measurements and a review to make sure we have covered appliances, sink selections, materials and material selections. You sign off on the project when you are comfortable.
  • You will have multiple trades in your home to keep on track to hit the schedule date for cabinets. Your contractor will be working hard to keep the plates spinning at this point and all of the vendors on track to meet the date. Be prepared for delays and issues to arise. Experienced contractors and vendors will handle this in stride and work for solutions. Also, have realistic expectations, rushing can create the opportunity for trades to cut corners. This is where you and your contractor should discuss the balance of correcting issues while maintaining the quality of your project. Tight timelines and an efficient schedule are great, just make sure it is realistic.
  • Cabinet install day is here! Custom cabinets will be delivered in the morning. The installer will arrive to start laying out your project and verify it is correct.
  • Based on the size of your project we may be on site for 2-5 days. We try to be as efficient as possible and keep your project on time with a quality product.
  • Your kitchen designer should be in touch with you regularly through the install, but never hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. We are here to help.
  • Through the install it is tempting to discuss things with the installer, but we recommend always communicating with your kitchen designer first. The designer can address your questions or concerns and work with the installer.
  • We encourage you to do a final walk through with your designer where we can check for punch list items and make sure we met the mark. Obviously, we strive for perfection, but prepare for the unknown. We are ready and willing to correct any issues. Please realize final payment is not where our service ends. We are with you and your cabinets as long as you own them per our warranty.
  • As your construction process continues, you will have granite installers, electricians, flooring installers, plumbers and painters working around and on the cabinets. Accidents and damage can occur in this process. We will work with you to get everything perfect when the project is finished.

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We’re excited for the opportunity to be your go-to local cabinet maker to bring your dream home to life.

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And now the fun begins. We offer a visualizer app that will allow you to easily customize your space. We’re excited for the opportunity to be your go-to local cabinet maker to bring your dream home to life.