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Add Function and Optimize Storage in Your Kitchen

How to Add Function and Optimize Storage in Your Kitchen

If you’re like most home cooks, your kitchen has different appliances, gadgets, tools, and food. While having everything at your fingertips is convenient, it can also make your kitchen feel cluttered and cramped. There are numerous storage options available, but not all are suitable for use in a kitchen. You can design a functional kitchen that meets your needs by selecting the appropriate storage solutions. The following tips can help you get extra kitchen storage that keeps it organized and tidy.

Install Cabinet and Drawer Organizers

Installing cabinet and drawer organizers is an excellent way to add extra kitchen storage. These organizers can help you make the most of every inch of storage space in your cabinets and drawers, which is especially useful if you have a small kitchen.

Cabinet and drawer organizers come in various shapes and sizes, so measure your cabinets and drawers before shopping. Installation is simple once you’ve found the perfect fit; most organizers slide into place.

Drawer organizers can assist you in keeping track of utensils, pots, pans, and other cooking supplies. They can also aid in the organization of Tupperware, food storage containers, and plastic wrap. Drawer organizers can be a lifesaver if you have many small items that tend to get lost in your cabinets.

Insert Island Storage

An island storage option is a storage option that you can place in the center of your kitchen. This storage option is ideal for increasing kitchen storage and counter space. Island storage can also try people create a more functional kitchen layout.

To Make An Island Kitchen, Follow These Steps:

• Select a location for your island storage.
• Measure the area where you intend to install the island storage.
• Cut the laminate countertop to the appropriate size.
• Use screws and construction adhesive to secure the countertop to the base cabinets.
• Assemble the base cabinets per the design you’ve chosen.
• Using screws and construction adhesive, join the upper cabinets to the base cabinets.
• Complete the island storage by adding trim and molding as desired.

Create a Magic Corner

A Magic Corner is a storage solution that can add function and extra kitchen storage to your kitchen. It is a pullout shelf that neatly tucks into cabinets and provides easy access to bulky items when needed. This storage solution can help gain access to otherwise unused space, where you can keep large pots and pans, small appliances, and other items.

How to Add a Magic Corner:

  • Determine the size and shape of the drawer opening. You also need to consider the size of the items you will store in the drawer.
  •  Cut a piece of plywood or particleboard to fit the opening, making it slightly smaller than the opening so that it can slide in and out quickly.
  • Cut a second piece of plywood or particleboard to serve as the drawer’s bottom. It should be the same size as the first piece.
  • Use screws or nails to secure the two pieces together, ensuring they are flush on all sides.
  • Attach handles to the front of the drawer to be easy to pull in and out.
  • Slide the drawer into the opening and fill it with the items you need to store.

Vertical Wall Storage

Adding storage space to your kitchen is always a challenge, but you can create a functional kitchen without taking up any additional floor space with vertical wall storage. This storage option attaches to the walls and uses unused space to store everything from pots and pans to spices and utensils. Best of all, it makes everything easily accessible to find what you need without having to search through cluttered cabinets.

How to Build a Vertical Wall Storage Unit:

  • Find an empty wall in your kitchen and clear away any clutter.
  • Measure the area and cut vertical strips of wood or metal to fit.
  • Screw or bracket the strips to the wall.
  • Depending on what you need to store, attach hooks, shelves, or other storage solutions to the strips.
  • Arrange your pots, pans, spices, and other kitchen items on the new storage solution.

Install a Cutlery Tray

A cutlery tray can be installed in a cabinet or on the countertop and conveniently store knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils. The tray also helps to maximize storage space by organizing utensils into a centralized location. This makes it easier to find the utensils you need and helps to keep your kitchen organized and tidy.

Installing a Cutlery Tray:

  • Select a location for your cutlery tray. An excellent place to put it is in a kitchen cabinet near the stove or sink.
  • Measure the inside of the cabinet to determine the size of the tray you’ll need.
  • Cut a piece of plywood or melamine to the size you determined in step 2.
  • Drill holes in the plywood or melamine for the knives, forks, and spoons.
  • Screw or nail the cutlery tray into the cabinet.
  • Arrange the knives, forks, and spoons in the tray.

You could also consider purchasing a ready-made cutlery tray from your local store. However, you must ensure that you measure your drawer’s size to get the correct size.

Add Dividers

Adding storage dividers is a simple way to organize things in your kitchen. You’ll be able to quickly find what you need when you have separate storage for lids, baking sheets, and pans. This storage solution is both functional and stylish, and it will help you make better use of the space in your kitchen. Choose storage dividers that best suit your needs and style, and reap the benefits of a more organized kitchen.

How to Add Dividers

  • Determine the storage space you want to use for your dividers. This could be a cabinet, drawer, or even open shelving.
  • Measure the space, so you know what size dividers to buy.
  • Select storage dividers that are sturdy and will fit the space well.
  • Assemble the storage dividers according to the instructions. This may entail drilling holes and screw in the dividers.

In conclusion, kitchen storage is essential whether you have limited space. You can make your time in the kitchen more functional and optimized by utilizing the suitable storage options and adding some extra kitchen storage to your existing setup.  

While One Source Cabinets can not help you retrofit your existing cabinets with storage and insert options, we can make your organizational dreams come true on new kitchen cabinets.  Get in touch with a professional in your area. We have locations in Arizona and Colorado. We look forward to helping you with your new designs.