One Source Matte Styles Cabinets 

(Available Only in Arizona)

SUPRAMAT’s high-tech classic Soft Touch and High Gloss surfaces offer superior surface quality that protects against scratches and is extremely durable. Thanks to its advanced technology, SUPRAMAT panels are anti-fingerprint and will not leave smudges. Micro scratches that occur on the surface are easily repairable through an innovative thermal process, differentiating it from any other product on the market.

SUPRAMAT blends seamlessly with the rising trends emerging in the design world, offering designers unique possibilities with its ultra-matte surface that is silky smooth to the touch in a wide range of modern color options. The lustrous lacquer feel is coated on both surfaces of SUPRAMAT. With low reflectivity, SUPRAMAT is suitable for home, office, furniture and other interior decor applications.

Benefits of our SUPRAMAT’s cabinets:

  • Superior surface quality
  • Scratch resistant
  • Repairable micro scratches
  • Silky touch, lacquer feeling
  • Finder print resistant 
  • Double sided
  • Suitable for cutting
  • Low reflectivity on matte surfaces
  • Low chipping effect
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