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Modern Shaker Cabinet Doors

The modern shaker cabinet door style embodies timeless elegance, meticulously crafted with five distinct pieces. These are specially crafted in our Arizona and Colorado cabinetry facilities. Two stiles (vertical pieces) and two rails (horizontal pieces) gracefully embrace a flat, recessed center panel, creating a seamlessly sophisticated look for your home.

The modern shaker door stands as a reigning trend in the market, captivating Arizona and Colorado homeowners with its versatile character. While shaker cabinets bring a contemporary appeal, its roots trace back to classic design, making it a truly adaptable style. The beauty of the shaker style cabinet door we produce at One Source Cabinets lies in its simplicity, offering subtle depth to your cabinetry without overwhelming your space.

Embrace the proven appeal of shaker cabinets, as this style effortlessly complements a rustic setting while seamlessly integrating into modern kitchen and bathroom design. Our updated cabinetry process provides you with an array of captivating colors, such as wood grain, black, and white. Let shaker cabinets bring your home to life and start designing with our teams at One Source Cabinets.


As tried and true style for decades, we turned the shaker cabinet door style into a modern marvel you will love in your Arizona and Colorado homes. Our modern shaker cabinet doors at One Source Cabinets have several distinct design features that set them apart from other door styles on the market. Here are five key features of the shaker cabinet doors that make them versatile to a variety of interior styles:

  1. Timeless Elegance: The modern shaker cabinet features a classic design that transcends trends, offering a timeless elegance that stands the test of time.
  2. Five-Piece Construction: Crafted with precision, the shaker cabinet uses five pieces—two stiles (vertical pieces), two rails (horizontal pieces), and a flat recessed center panel—creating a visually appealing and balanced composition.
  3. Versatile Aesthetics: The shaker cabinet effortlessly adapts to various interior styles, from traditional and rustic settings to contemporary and modern spaces.
  4. Subtle Depth: With its clean lines and unadorned design, the shaker cabinet adds subtle depth and character to your cabinetry without overwhelming the overall aesthetic of your home.
  5. Colors & Textures for Shaker Cabinets: Available in a range of captivating colors and woodgrain textures, the modern shaker cabinet easily matches the feel of any color scheme.

These cabinet features make modern shaker doors a popular choice for homeowners in Arizona and Colorado seeking a contemporary, fuss-free, and elegant design for custom cabinets.

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